Is Your Computer Getting Hairy?

March 23, 2009

No matter how clean you keep your house or business, there will be hair and dust. Computers are like hair and dust magnets too. Dust and hair are dangerous to a computer because they build up and cause your computer to heat up on the inside. They cause overheating in two ways. First, they block vents and heatsyncs and prevent air from flowing through the computer. Second, they act like a blanket as they build up on internal compents and trap heat inside.


The warmer the components of your PC are, the shorter their life will be. And, some components will simply die if they get too hot. So it’s important to make sure hair and dust don’t build up too much in your computer. Make sure you have your computer cleaned periodically. How often depends on a lot of factors.


Here are some tips on how to slow down the dust and hair collection in your computer.

  • Don’t have your computer sitting on the floor. Have your computer on a table or desk

  • Make sure the room is well ventilated.

  • Avoid opening the window.

  • Don’t let pets in the room where the computer is.

  • Put an air purifier in the room.

  • Don’t smoke around computers. Smoke makes the hair and dust stick to vents and components making the hair and dust build up quicker and harder to clean.

Even if you do all of these things, dust and hair will still build up over time. So it’s important to have your computer cleaned once a year. We recommend letting us clean the inside of your computer because simply by touching the wrong thing, or using the wrong tool, you can fry your computer. You can, however, do a lite cleaning on your computer by following these steps.

1.     Get a can of air.

2.     You may want to disconnect the computer and take it outside for this.

3.     Look at the outside of the computer for any vent holes or cloth and blow air on to them to clean the dust and hair out.

4.     Open the computer up.

5.     Do not touch anything inside the computer or allow any tool to touch anything inside the computer.

6.     Use the can of air and blow out as much dust as you can.

7.     Don’t use any other tool but a can of air. Never use a brush or vacuum cleaner on a computer.

8.     Then put the cover back on.

A lite cleaning like this won’t get all of the dust and hair, but it will make a huge difference.

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