Forwarding E-mails

February 28, 2009

All of us have received an e-mail that was forwarded to us by a friend. All of us have probably also forwarded an e-mail to a list of our friends as well.


Here are some important guidelines to follow when forwarding e-mail to a list of your friends.

  1. When you forward an e-mail, delete out all of the old header information and other noise in the e-mail so that when your friends open the e-mail, they see the content you wanted them to see. They shouldn’t have to scroll down past lines and lines of e-mail headers.

  2. If the content you want to forward to your friends is in an attachment, that’s OK. But sometimes there’s an attachement within an attachment within an attachment and so forth. Do do that to your friends. Drill down to the deepest e-mail that has the real attachment. Right-click on the real attachment and choose copy. Now close all the attached e-mails. Start your own e-mail and right-click and choose paste to paste the attachment to your e-mail.

  3. When you address an e-mail to a bunch of friends, don’t put them in the “To” field. Put them in the “BCC” field. BCC is blind copy. Most e-mail clients will let you leave the “To” field blank, but if yours won’t, just put your own e-mail address there. Put all of your friends e-mail addresses in the BCC field. That way, when your friends get it, they won’t be able to see all of the e-mail addresses of everyone you sent it to. This protects their identities and keeps the e-mail cleaner so it is easier to read.

  4. Don’t forward too much e-mail. I can’t tell you how many people have told me about some friend of theirs that forwards 5 e-mails a day to them and how much they hate that. Think about how much e-mail you are forwarding and be considerate of those you are forwarding to. Try not to forward more than one a day.

The BCC field is turned off by default in some e-mail clients. If you can’t find BCC or cant’ figure out how to use BCC, then click here for some instructions. If you still need help, call us.

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