What’s Your Favorite Cookie?

February 11, 2009

No matter what your favorite cookie is, I am sure it’s not a tracking cookie.

In the world of computers, a cookie is a small file that a website can use to store information on your computer. Cookies are a nice feature that allow websites to serve us better. But like any good thing, they can be abused.


Please know, however, that a cookie cannot harm your computer or the data stored on it. You probably know that advertisments shown on websites come from services that collect a bunch of advertisments from clients and then create a network of websites where their advertisments are shown. An advertising network will create a tracking cookie on your computer when you visit one of the websites in their advertising network. This cookie will only have meaning when you visit websites in their advertising network. The advertisment service can then track which of the websites in their advertising networks you have been to, which of their advertisements you have been shown, and which ones you clicked on. 


That’s pretty much all there is to tracking cookies. Many security programs will clean out tracking cookies for  you. It’s not critical that you do so, but it’s a good idea.

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