Sending Large Files Over the Internet

January 19, 2009

Sending Large Files

Over the Internet

There are times when you need to send someone a large file over the internet. When you need to send a file someone, the most common way to do it is to attach it to an e-mail. However, you can’t do this with large files. Internet service providers and e-mail providers generally restrict the size of e-mail attachments from anywhere from 1mb to 5mb.

So how do you send someone a large file?
There are several ways it can be done.
If the file is just a little to big, you may be able to compress the file, depending on what type of file it is. Music files, graphics, videos, and zip files are generally already compressed, so you won’t be able to compress them any further. Other files, however, can generally be compressed.
To compress a file, right click on the file and choose Send to Compressed (zipped) folder. It will create a file with the same name with .zip on the end. Take a look at the size of the file to see how big it is before you try and send it.
Another way to send a large file is to break it up into pieces and send the pieces. You can use a free utility called gsplit to split a file up. Then you send the pieces in seperate e-mails. It also creates a small program that you have to send as well. The person on the other end can run that program to put all of the pieces back together. This method is a lot of work because you have to send each piece. The person on the other end has to put it back together. This option is generall not very good for really large files (because there are a lot of pieces) or for the less experienced computer users.
An easier way is to use a free service like Point your web browser to Create your drop. You can then upload your large file. You have 100mb of storage space on  You can get more for a fee. You can set up a password if you want to keep your files private. You can send your friends the address for your and they can then download files from it. Other services like are also available. Other services similar to include DropBox and Windows Live Sky Drive.
If you want to send or share photos with friends and family, check out this article.
By the way, if you are on one of our service plans, you have an even easier option to allow someone to download a large file directly from your computer. Just right-click on the file and choose Send-to logmein sharing. It will create a link. Just copy that link into an e-mail and send it to your friend. Your friend can then simply click on that link to download the file directly from your computer.

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