Put it on My Tab

January 19, 2009

Put it on My Tab


Have you discovered tabs in your web browser yet? Pretty much all web browsers support tabs these days. A web browser is a program that lets you view web pages on the internet. The most popular web browsers are Internet Explorer (comes with windows), Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. The latest version of these all support tabs.

Tabs basically allow you to have multiple web pages open in the same browser without having to have more than one instance of the web browser open. To switch between the web pages, you can click on the tabs in the top part of the web browser.
Tabs are really useful when you are searching for something or want to compare things. Let’s say I do a Google search on something. I will get a list of links from Google. If I click on one of those links, it goes to that page. Now if I want to see the search results, I have to click the back button. Then I loose that page and go back to the search results. Then I can click another link in the search results and so forth. Lots of back and forth.
You can use tabs to make this process faster and easier. When you get your search results, instead of clicking a link, hold the control key down and click the link. The link will be opened up in another tab. Go through the list of search results control-clicking the onces you think my be what you are looking for. Once you have several tabs, click on each tab to check it out. You can close a tab that isn’t what you were looking for by clicking the little x in the corner of the tab. If you want to go back and see the original search results, just click on that tab. No waiting. Bam! It’s there.
To compare things, have one in each tab. Then you can easily switch between the tabs and compare. This is great for shopping for the best price. You can go on an online store and act like you are going to purchase something. Get to the point where you know the full price including shipping and tax. Then do the same thing at a different online store in a different tab of your browser. Once you have done this at several online stores, you can click on each tab to compare the final price. Pick the lowest one, go to that tab, and complete your transaction. 

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