Writing and Sending E-mail

August 16, 2007

Here is a list of things you should remember when writing and sending e-mail.

  • When you send e-mail, make sure you put a descriptive subject that describes the purpose of the e-mail. Never send an e-mail with no subject.
  • Don’t write your e-mail in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It’s harder to read. All capital letters is the internet equivalent of shouting.
  • When you forward an e-mail, remove all of the headers of all of the previous forwarding. 
  • When  you forward an e-mail as an attachment, make sure the actual e-mail with the content you are trying to forward isn’t buried several attachments deep. Take the lowest level attachment and attach that to your e-mail instead.
  • When forwarding an e-mail, don’t blindly forward it to everyone in your address book. Think about which people would truly be interested in reading the e-mail.
  • Don’t forward a lot of e-mail to your friends. Only forward the really good ones and avoid forwarding more than one a day.
  • Don’t use graphics in your e-mail signature. Keep your e-mail signature short.

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