Virus Alert! Greeting Cards and PDF Files

August 3, 2007

Be careful which e-mail’s you open! Spammers have a new angle and it’s easy to be tricked by it. Be on the lookout for e-mails with a subject line that says you have an e-card or a postcard. These will often say you have an e-card from a classmate or from a neighbor or they might even say a person’s first name, like Sam or Lisa. Don’t open these e-mails! Only open a notification about an e-card or postcard if the subject line of the message lists the first and last name of someone you know. Some e-card companies fix it so that the e-card notification comes from the e-mail address of the person who sent it. That’s another indication that it’s a valid notification. And by the same token, anytime you send an e-card, make sure you use your first and last name.

Also be on the lookout for e-mail with a PDF file attached. The attachment would have a file name that end with .pdf. This is a new way spammers try and slip past spam filters. The Adobe Reader which is used to display PDF files can be used for malicious purposes as well. Do not open a PDF file unless it is from someone you know and trust.

And as always, make sure your computer is protected by good security software.

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